Refund Policy

  1. Order and Payment: When customers purchase goods through our store, the actual order will be redirected to cooperative platforms (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.). Therefore, the payment and refund matters of the order will be handled by the cooperating platform. Our mall will not directly process payments and refunds.
  2. Refund process: If customers are dissatisfied with the purchased goods or have any problems, they should directly contact the customer service department of the cooperating platform and follow the refund policy and process of the cooperating platform. Usually, customers can find options for refunds on the order page of the cooperation platform and follow the prompts to proceed.
  3. Refund time limit: The time limit for refund processing will be determined according to the policies of the cooperating platform. We suggest that customers check and ensure satisfaction as soon as they receive the goods, so that they can submit a refund request in a timely manner.
  4. Refund responsibility: The refund responsibility will be borne by the cooperating platform. Our store will do our best to assist customers in resolving refund issues, but the final refund processing will be completed by the cooperating platform.
  5. Contact us: If customers encounter any problems or need assistance while using our store, our customer service team will provide support and guidance at any time. Customers can contact our customer service team via email, online chat, or phone.
  6. Disclaimer: Our mall only provides display and recommendation services for products, and guides customers to purchase on cooperative platforms. Therefore, in terms of commodity transportation, we will follow the transportation policies and processes of the cooperation platform, but we cannot directly intervene or handle matters related to commodity transportation.

We will continue to cooperate with cooperative platforms to provide high-quality products and services to our customers. Thank you for choosing our mall!

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