Newly Solar Led Light Outdoor Solar Lamp With Sensor Solar Power Garden Lights Waterproof Sunlight Wall Yard Street Lamp


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  • Misurare: 50M
  • Utilizzo: VACANZA
  • Caratteristiche: solar light outdoor
  • Numero di modello: HE315
  • È dimmerabile: NO
  • Garanzia: 2 anno
  • Tipo di base: Nessuno
  • Livello di protezione: IP65
  • Stile: Cottage
  • Fonte di luce: Lampadine a LED
  • Materiale corporeo: addominali
  • Certificazione: CCC,GS,UL,ce,LVD,VDE,CQC
  • Voltaggio: 12V
  • Tipo di cella solare: batteria al litio
  • Le lampadine sono incluse: 
  • Marchio: HEDELI
  • Origine: La Cina continentale
  • Fonte di potere: SOLARE
  • product type ASOLAR LED LIGHT
  • product type BSOLAR LIGHT OUDOOR
  • product type Doutdoor street light
  • product type Egarden light outdoor
  • product type Fstreet light outdoor
  • product type Gsolar led light outdoor high power
  • product type Hsolar light garden
  • product type Isolar outdoor light
  • product type Joutdoor solar light
The platform’s latest super-selling super-sized outdoor solar light with human body induction, remote control lighting 400㎡ solar light

598LED Solar Light Details:

The 598LED solar lamp outdoor is upgraded from the 360LED solar lights. It has been upgraded by collecting feedback from many buyers after using 360LED.

The specific content of the upgrade:

<Large 598LED>, the new LED is upgraded, the new LED is equal to 3 old LEDs. The new LEDs are bigger and brighter. And increased the number of LEDs to illuminate the entire park.

<Huge solar panel>, the material and size of the solar panel have been upgraded. The new solar panel uses a higher-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel, which can charge faster.

<New compressive and waterproof design>, 598LED solar light adopts the best waterproof material, specially researched and designed a new compressive and shockproof shell to avoid damage.

<Installation is more convenient>, the original plastic mounting rod has been upgraded to a fracture-proof and rust-proof metal mounting rod, which can be installed using the nails included in the package.

<Solar Light Reinforced Design>

Higher quality materials are used, and the thickness of the product is increased. The edge of the product has a special support design. The solar panel is fixed with multiple screws. The installation rod of the lamp has also been upgraded to a metal rod, which is more resistant to compression and safer.

<New upgrade 598LED>

The latest upgrade 598 LED wick! The new large wick is equivalent to 3 old wicks. The new wick is brighter and more durable!

<Wide range of lighting>

Light up all night! One light can illuminate an area of 500 square meters and can illuminate the entire garden!

<huge solar panel>

The newly upgraded solar light uses a high-efficiency solar charging panel, and the oversized solar panel charges faster! Don’t be afraid of running out of charge on rainy days!

<Radar Sensing Outdoor Solar Lamp>

3 detection modes

Modalità 1: Lights up when someone passes by (100% luminosità), and turns off automatically 30 seconds after the person leaves
Modalità 2: Lights up all the time (10% luminosità), lights up when someone passes by (100% luminosità), and returns to 10% luminosità 30 seconds after the person leaves
Modalità 3: lighting all the time (30% luminosità)


The remote control can be used within5-8 meters, even if it is installed very high, you can use the remote control to adjust the lighting mode at any time, which is very convenient!

<Super waterproof>

Using high-quality materials, glass and waterproof and rust-proof metal rods, professional waterproof design, not afraid of rain and snow


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