Lampada da incasso a LED COB ad alta CRI RA95 E27 da 7 W Faretto a LED da incasso AC85V-265V Luce diurna neutra calda Bianco puro per la cucina in camera


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  • Applicazione: Foyer
  • Caratteristiche: High CRI RA 95
  • Numero di modello: E27-7W
  • Utilizzo: VACANZA
  • Tolleranza di potenza: 1%
  • Materiale corporeo: alluminio
  • È dimmerabile: NO
  • Fine: Cromo lucido
  • Garanzia: 2 Anno
  • Certificazione: ce,ROHS,UL
  • Voltaggio: 85-265V
  • Fonte di potere: AC
  • Marchio: DIY LED U-Home
  • Origine: La Cina continentale
  • Fonte di luce: Lampadine a LED
  • Certificazione: UL,RoHS,CE
  • Tipo di elemento: Riflettore
  • Lume: WW:600lm-650lm/other 3 colori: 650lm-700lm
  • Energia: 7W
  • PRESA: E27
  • Dimmerabile: NO
  • Angle Degree45-60° angolo del fascio
  • Wide AC voltage rangeAC85-265V
  • Case ColorWhite and Black

Please see our customer professional testing report and reviews on our this products at this forum:


1.High CRI RA 95+ High qualit & Alta efficienza: save over 85% cost by replacing 60W halogen lamp with our DIY LED U-home 7W COB Spotlights. Tensione di ingresso: AC85-265V. Ideal for your photography studio.

2.Lunga vita: High brightness and low power consumption, provides over 50,000 hours life span; We offer lifetime warranty or replace. But you need to pay some resend package’s shipping fee, hope you understand.

3. Installazione facile: Misurare: 50* 85MM(1.968In * 3.346In). Standard LED Spot Bulb shape, directly install the bulb into a medium E27 Medium Base scokets.

4. Widely use: For Use in Spot/Flood Lamps, Spotlights, Overhead Ceiling Lights, Recessed Cans, Illuminazione della pista, Range Vent Hood Lights, Table/Desk/Floor Lamps, Cabinet Lighting, Closet Lights, Torchiere Lamps, living room Lighting, bed room, cucina, stairs lighting, aisle Lamp, corridor lighting, e così via.

5. 45-60 Degree narrow beam angle, flood light onto an individual local or area, perfect for sensitive display and accent lighting.


1: Tipo: COB LED Spotlight

2: Tipo di base: E27
3: Potenza: 7W(depends upon of its real powertested about 7.5W, just for reference)
4: Chip Model: LED COB
5: Voltaggio: AC85-265V
6: Lume: Warm white 600LM-650LM, natura bianca, daylight white and pure white: 650lm-700lm
7: Materiale: painted white aluminum heatsink, Aluminum Case, good for heat dissipation
8: Temperatura di colore: Warm White 3000K, Neutral White 4000K, daylight White 5000K, pure white 6000K
9: 45-60° angolo del fascio
10: Wide AC voltage range of 85-265V
Here is our buyer show, E27 Warm White Color
Our customer installed our this High CRI COB LED at his Art exhibition
Here is our customer testing report on our this 7W CRI 95+ COB LED Lamp
Warm White 3000K:
Daylight White 5000K:
Pure White 6000K:
Neutral White 4000K:
Below is our customer testing report and reviews on our this products

Overall finish and build quality seems good. The aluminum heatsink is painted white and it doesn’t take much to scratch it off. I don’t like that you can hear the AC-DC converter rattling around in the base when the light is shaken though.

The spotlight compared to a 60W incandescent.

The bulb has a plastic lens protecting the COBLED and reflector. Wide and even spot is achieved with a textured reflector. There very little visible tint shift in the beam. Only very faint artifacts can be seen on a white wall at the edge of the beam.

When you put a table lamp shade on it the artifacts disappeared. I used an Ikea Tertial work table arm.


Measurements were made in a 50cm integrating sphere with an x-rite i1pro spectrometer after the bulbs had warmed up for 1 hour. Intensity (lux at 1 metro, candela) was measured outside the sphere at 1 metro.

The bulbs were connected to mains power which at the time of testing was at 228-230V.

Output at 1 hour is 574 for the 4000K and 593 lumens for the 5000K model. This is less than the manufacturer specifies (650-700 lm). At 0.6 cd/lm the spot bulb is noticeably throwier than a diffused bulb (0.1-0.2 cd/lm)

Power consumption was measured at 7.1 (4000K) E 7.4 watt (5000K). Efficiency is quite low for a high CRI neutral/cool white AC bulb at only 80-81 lm/W. Yuji BC bulbs achieve 104-109 lm/W at similar color temperatures, but they also cost twice as much.

Maximum output is reached immediately. Output was plotted over one hour on both lights. Dopo 1 hour the output decreases 11%, which is a fine result for such a small bulb. Heatsinking seems good.

Color rendering

IL CRI data was measured integrated after a 1 hour warm-up.

Color rendering is very good on both bulbs reaching CRI Ra of 98 and R9 of 92-93. TM-30-18 fidelity index Rf of 94-95 and gamut index Rg of 99-100 are also excellent. Typical GUIDATO technology is evident from the blue hump at 450nm and cyan dip at 480nm, but the latter is very mild. Visually the light is very pleasing with rich colors and neutral tint.

Load IES TM-30-18 Color Rendition Reports by clicking the thumbnails:

Color temperature and tint

Tint is practically at the black body line on both bulbs. Remember that when GUIDATOs heat up, their duv value almost always decreases and becomes less green/yellow. This was measured after 1 hour.

Tint shift was measured with the 5000K GUIDATO after a 5 minute warm-up period. Shift is very slight within the brightest part of the beam which falls off quickly after 55 degrees or so. The shifted tints in the following chart at 60+ degrees are already outside the bright spot.


There’s no visible flicker. Just small ripple at 56kHz. Snob index of 0% guarantees that it’s easy on the eyes. The modulation depth was highest when all the GUIDATOs were active, which as the worst case is shown below. Both lamps are identical in this matter.

AC power draw

Current is drawn in short pulses as the input voltage gets high. This results in a low power factor of 0.56-0.57.

Cyan line: mains line voltage
Yellow line: current draw of the bulb
Violet line: power draw (voltaggio * current)


These little E27 spotlights at 4000K and 5000K have a pleasing tint and good color rendering. They offer quite a bit more lux at a smaller area than diffused bulbs. The efficiency is not at the level of competition, but that’s quite ok for the price assuming the driver ages well. In packets of five they cost less than $9 a piece.

Please note that the test was done when the bulb was brand new. I can’t guarantee that they will perform similarly after months or years of use.

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