2PCS 128COB Solar LED Street Light Waterproof Motion Sensor Smart Remote Control 300W Outdoor Garden Security Wall Light


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– Ampia applicazione: IP65 Outdoor solar lights, suitable for gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, driveways, scale, exterior walls, eccetera., Calore, resistente alle intemperie, no need to worry about outdoor damage.

Automatically Turn on: The PIR motion sensor can scan the heat source that continuously moves within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, the light will automatically turn on.

Solar Light: The solar light needs 6 hours of sunlight charging during the day and 10 hours of normal operation at night. No wires are needed, providing you with an economical, low-carbon and environmentally friendly life.

Fast Charging: Solar panel charging depends on the duration of light and weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the shorter the charging time. On cloudy or rainy days, battery efficiency is reduced, resulting in shorter lighting times.

– Materiale di alta qualità: High-quality lamp beads, a wide range of illumination, providing you with excellent lighting.

-Induction alarm function (only lights, no sound): the light will automatically light up when someone enters the induction range at night


Button lighting mode:

– SPENTO: off mode, the indicator light is red;

First gear: Some people coming, brightly light up for 15-30 secondi, when no one lights off;

Second gear: Some people coming, brightly light for 15-30 secondi, and when there is no one, the light is always bright and weak;

Third gear: No matter if no one is there, and the weak light is always on.

Tempo di carica: 6 hours in the sun

PIR sensing angle: 120°

Distanza di rilevamento: 8-10 metri

Il pacchetto include:

1X Solar Light

1 x Remote control (Opzionale)

A set of installation accessories


1.Si prega di consentire una differenza di 1-3 mm dovuta alla misurazione manuale.

2.A causa del diverso display e della luce diversa, the picture may not show the actual color of the item.

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