Plug-in Mini-Nagel-LED-Lampe, 24/27 W, Nageltrockner, künstliche Nägel, Maniküre, Nagellack, Kleber, schnell trocknend, UV-Licht, Nagellampe, 360° biegbarer Tisch


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  • Lampenperlen: 8
  • Modell-Nr: A-LMH220103
  • Energiequelle: Wiederaufladbare Batterie
  • Typ: LED Lampen
  • Zertifizierung der Warenqualität: 3C
  • Markenname: HNKMP
  • Herkunft: Festlandchina
  • Stückzahl, Anzahl der Stücke: Eine Einheit
  • Gegenstandsart: Nageltrockner
  • Besonderheit 1: Fast Drying Nail Dryer
  • Besonderheit 2: Fast Curing Nail Dryer
  • Besonderheit 3: Rechargeable Nail Lamp
  • Besonderheit 4: Nail Gel Polish Drying Lamp
  • Besonderheit 5: Rotatable Nail Lamp Dryer
  • Besonderheit 6: Bendable Nail Lamp Dryer
  • Besonderheit 7: TypeC Charging Port
  • Besonderheit 8: Nail Manicure Nail Art Tools
  • Gegenstandsart 1: Mini Nail Lamp
  • Gegenstandsart 2: LED-Nagellampe
  • Gegenstandsart 3: UV Nail Lamp
  • Gegenstandsart 4: Nail Lamp Dryer



Gegenstandsart: UV-LED-Nagellampe

Farbe: Weiß

Modell: Plug-in Model

Max Power Consumption: 24W/27W

Lamp Bead Quantity: 8/9Stck

Gewicht: 168G

Product Include

For plug-in model





1.Free Your Hands.

With independent base, can irradiate your nails without being held. As it enables you to do your nails & cure them at the same time, nail tip & ornament pasting are made much easier.

2.360° Freely Adjustable Tube.

Not only can it be twisted to suit different irradiation needs, it can help to cast the light precisely on your nails, not whole hands, to further avoid the occurrence of black hands.

3.Cure Most Gels Quickly.

8 high-power & high-quality beads are used to emit uniform & 45°concentrated light, drying most nail gels(hard gel, top coat, color gel, sculpture, base coat, gem glue, usw) quickly.

4.Dual Light Sources.

Mixes 365nm UV & 405nm LED to simulate sunlight, effectively avoiding the defects of pure UV. You can enjoy a natural & comfortable curing experience with no black hands, no harm to eyes and no burning sensation.

5.Convenient Smart Timing.

Bid farewell to excess irradiation and related troubles-simply press 1 Schlüssel, and the machine will automatically shut down after some time (45S/90S).

6.Much Smoother Using Experience.

Featuring compact size, type-c charging port and 1500mAh large battery, the product can be effortlessly charged, placed, stored, and continuously used for a long time.


1.Connect with a power (for plug-in model only).

2.Adjust the hose for perfect angle.

3.Click power key to turn on machine.

4.Selectively adjust timing time.

5.Reach nails under the light to start manicure.


1.Keep the product in a dry and ventilated place, abstaining from moistness.

2.Do not use the product for more than 300 seconds uninterruptedly in one single time.


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