Neonlichter „Have A Nice Day“, Buchstaben, LED-Neonschild, Wanddekoration, Schild, Bar, Party, Hochzeit, Schlafzimmer, Zuhause, Club, Schlafsaal, Höhle, Geschenk


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  • Merkmale: Decoration bedroom girl
  • Modell-Nr: lights decor
  • Lichtstrom: room decor pinterest
  • Anwendung: Kommerziell,drinnen,Fachmann
  • Zertifizierung: ce,EMV,ROHS
  • Markenname: ineonlife
  • Herkunft: Festlandchina
  • Gegenstandsart: Neonlampen
  • Zertifizierung: RoHS,EMV,CE
  • Angetrieben: USB-Stromversorgung
  • Besonderheit 1: Wanddekoration für Schlafzimmer
  • Besonderheit 2: Partydekoration Neonlicht
  • Besonderheit 3: Neonlichtschild
  • Besonderheit 4: LED-Schild
  • Besonderheit 5: Neonlicht
  • Besonderheit 6: Dekoration für Schlafzimmer
  • Besonderheit 7: Neon-Wandschilder
  • Besonderheit 8: Leuchtreklamen für die Zimmerwand
  • Besonderheit 9: Leuchtreklamen zur Raumdekoration

"Have a nice day" is a very common and classic greeting, usually used to express good wishes to others in the morning or when leaving. Wishing each other a good, happy and pleasant day is also a way for people to express their greetings and love to each other. Please take this neon light away, let you have a good mood throughout the day, of course he uses a wide range of scenarios, when you see this phrase, you can’t help but feel happy!

♥ 【 Beautiful Design 】 The neon sign adopts LED neon light strips, and the surrounding neon lights illuminate it. The neon sign is bright but not dazzling. Illuminate your world with this unforgettable neon light, making your home bright and artistic.

[Hochwertiges Material, sicher und langlebig] Customized LED neon light signs are made of flexible silicone LED neon light strips and thickened acrylic backing plates. The surrounding neon light signs are illuminated, and the LED neon light signs are bright but not dazzling, noiseless, and energy-saving. This customized Neon sign can make your home more bright and artistic. The LED neon sign comes with a cute switch, which you can easily turn on or off by clicking on

♥ LED neon lights are very suitable for home and bed wall decoration, and can also be used for office, home bars, ManCave, and store decoration. Exquisite gifts, specially designed neon signs can be used as Christmas, Jubiläum, Hochzeit, holiday or love gifts for wives, parents, Freunde, Kollegen, girls, Jungen, teenagers, and children.

♥ 【 Easy to operate 】 5v/USB interface, just install and plug it in. After connecting, press the power button to turn on the neon light. You can hang it on a wall or window, or place it on a table, desk, shelf, or bedside table.

♥ Our orders are processed on a one-on-one basis, allowing customers to receive our customized LED signage first. If you have any detailed information about the product, you can contact us directly. We will provide you with personalized neon billboard design.


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