9005 hb3 H10 9140 9145 9006 hb4 9012 hir2 Zweifarbige zweifarbige Temperatur-LED-Scheinwerfer-Nebelscheinwerfer mit Lüfter, Weiß, Blau, Grün, 2 Stück


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  • Wattzahl: 40Mit Satz(20Mit Glühbirne)
  • Farbtemperatur: 3000K-12000K
  • Stromspannung: 12V
  • Auto Model: Car.Motorcycle
  • Markenname: chopdark
  • Herkunft: Festlandchina
  • Zertifizierung: CE,FCC

9005 hb3 H10 9140 9145 9006 hb4 9012 hir2 Zweifarbige zweifarbige Temperatur-LED-Scheinwerfer-Nebelscheinwerfer mit Lüfter, Weiß, Blau, Grün, 2 Stück

Product introduction:

Initial Power: around 40W/Set(20Mit Glühbirne)
Lichtstrom: 20000LM(10000LM/Glühbirne)
Betriebsspannung: 9-12V
Arbeitstemperatur: -40 ℃ -120 ℃
Schutzlevel: IP68
Used for: Scheinwerfer / fog light

This product cannot be used for 24V trucks.

The above values are laboratory test values. Actual products may have very small tolerances, which is normal and cannot be used as a basis for return and refund.

1. Please make sure the bulb model is all the same with your original bulb.
2. Please don’t touch the bulb chips by hand directly.
3. If the light can’t work normally, please check:
(1) Whether the positive and negative poles are connected reversed;
(2) The plugs are connected well or not;
(3) Whether the original car plug is damaged or not;
(4) Test whether the bulb works normally via original car battery or other 12V power supply, confirming it’s bulb problem or original car problem.
4. After installation, if the following situations occur, please purchase a dedicated CANbus decoder. (It’s not our LED lights quality problem):
(1) Light flickers;
(2) On the dashboard, warning lights for other components turn on for no reason;
(3) Radio jamming;
(4) Other auxiliary lights can’t work normally;
(5) One side lights up normally while the other side fails to light up.

2×LED headlight bulbs

☀High Brightness. UP 300%.☀

Powerful Real CSP LED Chips. NOT COB. Compared with halogen lamps, the distance is increased by 2 times and the brightness is increased by 3 mal. Bright but will not dazzle the other driver. Lights type standard, safe driving.

☀Long Service Life. >50,000 hours.☀

Multiple Cooling Design. Copper substrate, heat transfer faster. Integrated Lamp Body, overall heat conduction. Intelligent temperature control driver, real-time temperature control. The service life is over 50,000 Std..

☀Easy Installation.

Plug-and-Play. Save time and money. Very simple, no need to disassemble anything on our product.

☀1 Years Free Replacement☀


●Within 1 Years from receiving the product or the system automatically confirming the delivery, if the main body of the product has quality problems within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty service (referring to "non-human damage" problem), the seller promises to provide the buyer with one replacement for free.
●Product quality terms take effect only refer to product hardware quality problems and non-human damages which cannot be solved by software upgrades.
●Service validity: 1 Years from the date the buyer confirms the receiving of the package.
●Service process: The buyer initiates the free replacement service and sends the product back. After the seller confirmed the receiving of returned product is the corresponding product of the order. The seller arranges to send a new replacement.
●The cost of returning the product is paid by the buyer and the cost of shipping the new replacement is paid by the seller.
●When the buyer initiates the service of the free replacementthe purchase order number and quality problem provements (wie zum Beispiel: video, product unique code, usw.) are required.
* For the Car Lights Category this free replacement service does not cover the normal reduction of light output or the shift of light color temperature during the lifespan of LED chips, and the return of the defective item would only be necessary if required by Seller.

☀Strength Factory. Quality Assurance.☀

Our company is a professional LED automotive lamp manufacturer, mainly producing automotive LED headlights, automotive LED fog lamps, motorcycle LED headlights and work lights.
The company was founded in 2013 mit einem Grundkapital von 1 million yuan, integrating research and development, production and sales. We have a strong scientific research, production and sales team, and advanced technology and production equipment, the implementation of modern scientific production line operations, quality system in strict accordance with ISO9002 international standards, effectively ensure product quality, and passed CE, ROHS, DOT and other related Certification. The products sell well in more than 60 countries and regions such as Japan, Südostasien, Europa, America, South America and the Middle East. Our company provides OEM services for many companies.
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