320W LED Nail Lamp Manicure Gel Drying Machine Auto Infrared Sensor Manicure Lamp 45 LED with 4 Timer Settings for Maniure


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  • Lampenperlen: 72
  • Material: Abs
  • Modell-Nr: nail Dryers
  • Energiequelle: Elektrisch
  • Typ: UV-Lampen
  • Zertifizierung der Warenqualität: ce
  • Markenname: VKTECH
  • Herkunft: Festlandchina
  • Stückzahl, Anzahl der Stücke: Eine Einheit
  • Gegenstandsart: Nageltrockner
  • Manicure Gel Drying MachineSmart Nail Dryer Tool
  • Manikürelampe: Professional UV Gel Nail Lamp

(Weiß,US/White,EU)–Manicure Gel Drying Machine

320W LED Nail Lamp Smart Nail Dryer Tool Auto Infrared Sensor Professional UV Gel Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Settings Maniure Tools


1.Rapid Drying: Experience lightning-fast drying with our LED nail lamp. The powerful 320W LED dual light source, equipped with 72 LED-Perlen, ensures efficient and even drying of UV gel, extension gel, temperature-changing gel, and more.
2.Customizable Timer Settings: Our manicure gel drying machine features a digital display and four adjustable timer settings, allowing you to customize the drying time according to your needs. Whether you prefer a quick cure or a longer drying session, our lamp provides the flexibility to cater to your specific requirements.
3.Convenient Detachable Base: Designed with a removable base plate, our smart nail dryer tool offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Easily detach the base plate to clean any residue or spills, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your nail treatments.
4.High Power Efficiency: With its impressive 320W power output, our manicure lamp guarantees fast and efficient drying results. The LED dual light source with gold wire lamp beads ensures uniform distribution of light, leaving no dead spots and effortlessly curing your nails.
5.Smart Infrared Sensor: Experience hands-free operation with the built-in smart infrared sensor. Simply place your hand or foot inside the professional uv gel nail lamp, and it will automatically turn on. Once you remove your hand, the lamp will instantly turn off, saving energy and ensuring a safe and convenient nail drying experience.

Herkunft: Festlandchina
Typ: UV-Lampen
Energiequelle: Elektrisch
Material: Abs

Lampenperlen: 72

Nennleistung: 320w
Größe: 226.00×204.00×111.00mm/8.9×8.03×4.37Zoll
Netzteil: Nominal Input 100-240v, 50/60hz Eu Plug (220v)/Us Plug (110v)
Sensor: Automatic Infrared Detection Sensor
Time: 10/30/60/99 Seconds Painless Mode

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Produkt Inbegriffen
Weiß,UNS: 1x Nail Dryer
Weiß,EU: 1x Nail Dryer


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