100 LED Solar LED Light Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp PIR Motion Sensor Lamp Waterproof Solar Light for Garden Decoration Street Light


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  • Größe: 5M
  • Verwendung: NOTFALL
  • Merkmale: LED-Solarleuchte
  • Modell-Nr: MIC-100LED
  • Ist dimmbar: Ja
  • Garantie: 1 Jahr
  • Basistyp: Keiner
  • Schutzlevel: IP65
  • Stil: Moderner Stil
  • Lichtquelle: LED-Lampen
  • Körpermaterial: Abs
  • Zertifizierung: CCC,ce,CQC,ROHS
  • Stromspannung: 3.7V
  • Solarzellentyp: Lithium Batterie
  • Ist Glühbirnen im Lieferumfang enthalten: Ja
  • Markenname: Nortix
  • Herkunft: Festlandchina
  • Energiequelle: SOLAR
  • Funktion: Solar Waterproof Wall Light
  • SceneGarland Street Garden Outdoor
  • Bewegungssensor: PIR Human Detector
  • Modus: 100LED

100 LED Solar LED Light Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp PIR Motion Sensor Lamp Waterproof Solar Light for Garden Decoration Street Light

Merece 100LED Ultra Bright Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

3 modes to meet your different needs

1. Strong light mode: When a person passes by, the solar outdoor lights will light up, but it will turn off when no activity is detected within 20s after the person leaves.

2. Strong light + slight light mode: When a person passes by, the strong light is on, but when the person leaves about 20s, the slight light will keep on.

3. Slight light mode: The motion sensor light will always be on regardless of whether someone passes by.

Low Cost Outdoor Solar Light

With solar outdoor lights are charging, there are no need to worry
about paying electricity bills. This is a zero-cost investment. And the
use of solar energy to generate electricity is both energy-saving.

Large-capacity Solar Panel

Upgraded with 2200mAh large-capacity solar panels, by exposure to
sunlight for around 6-8 hours in daytime, motion sensor outdoor light
can light up for 8-10 hours in spring and summer and for 6-8 hours in
autumn and winter.

Safe and long service life

The solar wall light has a service life of 35,000 Std., so you don’t
need to worry about its safety and usage time. And IP65 waterproof level
technology can withstand any weather (rain, sunshine, wind or snow).

Solar outdoor lights illuminate your way home and escort you. Diese
solar lights allows you to install them at the steps or stairs to take
care of your safety.

Mit 100 LED white lights in 4 sides, it can provide way brighter and
wider outdoor lighting for places around your house, such as fences,
wall, Veranda, driveway, Terrasse, Weg, stair, Garage, cellar, attic,
front porch, Balkon, walkway etc.

Upgraded Supremely sensitive PIR motion sensor can detect motion within
a range of up to 32-36FT(10-11M), 120°sensing angle provides timely
illumination when you are in need.


Qusetion : Why does the solar light can not work ?

Antwort : Please check the following items.

1.Confirm switch is on or not.

2.It is light sensor,it can not work in the daytime,it can only work on the darkness.

3.Confirm whether it is being continuously used in a long-term and no charge,recharge it timely before use again.

4.Make sure people moving within the wensing range.

5.Make sure the solar sensor light being installed within the sensing range.

6.Confirm installation direction is correct(solar panel should be facing up).

7.Confirm no objects blocking it and solar panel can receiving sunlight.

1.Well quality: Use by well quality ABS material, it is durable to use outdoor and long term use.
2.PIR motion sensor: The sensitive PIR sensor light can detect people movement from 3 to 5m. It will automatically control the light on and off.
3.IP65 waterresistant: The Solar Light is madeof ABS andIP65 Water-resistant material. It can work in different kinds of weathers like rain snow ang fog.
4.Long working hours: If fully recharges the battery more than 8 hours with direct sunshine, it will keep lighting more than 8 Std.
5.Powered by solar energy: The solar panel is at the top of the lamp. It will automatically store electricity during the day. Please install the product at the direct sunshine place. This Outdoor Solar Light is wireless. You can install it on the wall
6.Super hell: Much brighter than other lamps. Each solar-powered path light has superb-bright eye-protective, flicker-free and no-radiation white LED lights for illumination. It is easy to install on the tree glass metal.

Eingangsspannung: 5.5V
Total power:20W
Bulb type:LED
Lichtquelle: Solar Light
LEDquantity: 128pcs LED
Helle Farbe: Weiß
Power source: 1* 3.7V 2200mAH lithium battery
Charging hours: 8Std
Working hours: more than 8hrs
Control modes: Light/ PIR
High light delay: 20-25S
Sensor angle:120°
Sensor distance:3-5M
Protecting grade: IP65
Material: Abs
Artikelfarbe: Schwarz
Lamp size: 125*88*47mm/4.9*3.5*1.9in (Länge * Breite * Höhe)
Item weight: 154g/ 5.4ounces
Package size: 130*100*55mm/5.1*3.9*2.2in(Länge * Breite * Höhe)
Paketgewicht: 179g/6.3ounces

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